School Chale Hum

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192 million children between 6-14 years of age across 1.1 million places in India are not going to school.
This film for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (Universilisation of Elementary Education) addresses the needs of these children.
The film catches the moment when children all across India from Kashmir to Kerala wake up in the morning and run to go to school.
Directed by: Kanika and Bala, Bharatbala Productions (BBP) for the Ministry of Human Resource Development, India.

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  1. atulya parashar says:

    mr. sanjay i think you are mistaking somewhere because till i know our former p.m mr atal bihari vajpayee wrote the song

  2. Rajiv says:


    Of the possible reforms to the totalization agreement that would allow Indian techies in the US on H1B to receive their social security benefits even after leaving US shores…. a meager $10/annual contribution individually could
    make a whole lot of difference wont it ??

    I’d like to begin this process….


  3. It is the best!

    Thanks Sanjay. I can now watch it, when I want to.

    I first saw it as a delegate at the Film Festival it was last held in Delhi 2-3 years ago. It was playing in the lobby and I must have watched it for 20 mins, over and over again, dubbed in many languages. Thanks again.


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