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The Laws

When Rajesh pointed out the site couchsurfing it made me think. Here is something that I cannot imagine being done without the internet. It took just a few people to build this community and bring so many people together, in such little time. In addition if you read about when it was almost destroyed by […]

Hacking The Himalayas

Continuing on the thought-provoking post by Sanjay, I wanted to share a very interesting story of human endeavor and social entrepreneurship. The amalgamation of right ideas, right minds and right knowledge can definitely change human perspective and enlighten society. A Silicon Valley escapist, members of the old-school computer security group called the Cult of Dead […]

Make India Movement

As the “Quit India” movement demonstrated collective non violent action is a very powerful force that can introduce radical change. ” Rang de Basanti” articulated the need for radical change to “Make India” . The use of violence to achieve the goal is not something that I believe in. As the cliche goes the power […]

Social Entrepreneurship

As some of you may know I was a Reuters Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University and have an interest in “social entrepreneurship” . I also have an interest in ideas that start small but can become very big. I call these “elephants”. In the social area I am interested in “social elephants”. For “not […]

Entrepreneurship top career aspiration

According to a recent HT-Cfore survey amongst youth, Entrepreneurship is the top career aspiration at 22% of respondents. Others such as Science, Engineering etc follow later. I guess this survey did not cover people already in jobs, and that number might only be higher. I remember fifteen years back, it used to be Engineering, Medicine, […]

Creative Destruction

Entrepreneurship induces destructive changes in the underlying system. This is how the famed, uncontemporary economist Joseph Schumpeter defined it. He termed it as Creative Destruction. This rebel economist was the first one to rightly predict economic ecosystems like Silicon Valley, giving a deep existential insight into the mind of the entrepreneur. A far-cry and almost […]

Business Plan Archive

Just stumbled on this interesting website which can be a useful resource for entrepreneurs who want to get a taste of how some real business plans were blueprinted, formulated and implemented. The Business Plan Archive is a joint archiving project headed by prestigious institutions like Library of Congress, the Center for History and New Media […]

IIM – A visit

I just returned from IIM-A after talking to students on ” Is a Startup right for them” and “Investors & Business Plans”. Beerud , CTO of Webaroo and earlier founder of e-Lance was also there and spoke on ” Start up: What it takes”. IIM – A is thinking of having a business plan competition […]

Wireless Value added services cleanup in China

According to statistics from the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), China’s 426 million mobile phone users sent more than 200 billion short messages in the first half of the year. Last month, Worlds biggest mobile market started an initiative to cleanup the wireless value-added services industry. Under the policy directives of China’s Ministry of Information […]

PE/VC jobs in India

I got quite a few requests with regards to possible VC/PE jobs at Battery Ventures and elsewhere in India. First of all thanks for reaching out to me. A quick suggestion to people interested in the space. The typical VC/PE jobs are few and far in between, but there are definitely a lot of opportunities […]