I am Sanjay’s younger brother. I have been vicariously participating in all the excitement in India through conversations with Sanjay and reading Venturewoods. Now with the acquisition of my last venture I am relishing the thought of getting actively involved. I consider it a privilege to be part of this community and look forward to getting to know you all better.

I hope to post ‘Musing’s on different areas and this one on Travel is my first.

The evolution of the Leisure Travel and Hospitality Industry is something that I would like to examine and understand and would love to hear any thoughts.

As I start looking at this world, it seems to me that there are two parts of the industry

    The first deals with building and operating the infrastructure that allows leisure travel: companies that build aircrafts, operate airlines, operate hotels, car rental services, theme parks etc

    The second deals with facilitating the use of the infrastructure – like travel agencies, ticketing services, concierge services, tour operators etc.

There are companies that bleed from one category into the other often leveraging their brands to vertically integrate. I would be interested in opinions on if these two categories are adequate or a different view.

There are innovations in each category and below is a list of a few innovations in the categories, I would love to know what else people see as innovations and which innovations are significant and which ones in one category may trigger change in the other.

Operators or Producers of Infrastructure: These are usually capital intensive businesses

    Aircaft : Smaller, cheaper and more fuel efficient: Enbraera etc and now Honda
    Airlines : Air Taxis
    Fractional Ownership: Destination Clubs , Cars , Jets

Use Facilitators

    Online Travel Agencies: Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline etc
    Online Travel Search: Sidestep, Kayak, Farecompare, Farecast, Paguna
    Group Travel: Triphub, Groople
    Reviews : Tripadvisor, Real Travel, 43places, wikitravel
    Specialty Tours: Olivia
    Concierge : Bluefish

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