New Feature — Venture Jobs and Talent Exchange

Dear all,

We are introducing a new feature on venturewoods — this is an experiment with a job and resume board for startup opportunities, especially finding the core team members who share the passion for creating something out of nothing. We have received a lot of feedback that such people are not easily accessible through regular mechanisms, since bulk of people there seem to be looking for regular jobs.

To start, we have kept it simple, by creating two posting areas:
1. VentureJobs — Please feel free to post your company profile and jobs here
2. VentureTalent — If you want to become part of a startup team, please post your brief bio here

Both these are accessible from the venturewoods homepage on top right hand links under Page section. Lets start using this facility, and we will continue to evolve the features as we see more interest coming in. Thanks to Gaurav for putting the first version up.


8 Responses to “New Feature — Venture Jobs and Talent Exchange”

  1. PINK says:

    Good stuff …. let us hope the usage is befitting the initial response

    Looking back a couple of months, it would have been hard to believe that something like would come in India so soon, though some of us would have always hoped it did.



  2. Santosh says:

    It is nice to see such startup community.

    We at blog are already doing TechCrunch style ..blogging and posting jobs of startup companies for FREE! :)

    We have a good community out there, you are most welcome to leverage our service.

    For more on JobMilan, please visit


  3. Rajan says:

    Good to see this one up here. It is been due since long :)


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