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I was browsing the web to see if there were any templates available for product roadmaps/product management. The 280 group has some . They cost $99 for the roadmap toolkit and $79 for the product management toolkit. There is a free evaluation version. The site also has book recommendations etc.

I have not used any of these but if a startup that I advise decides to use them then I can comment on whether they found them useful or not.

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  1. Sanjay says:


    Some people have an innate talent for product management and can be very successful without following a structured approach. For most however a structured approach helps. I have found dozens of techies who get caught up in product features and not on benefits. They design hammers that are looking for nails.



  2. rg says:

    Not sure how templates can help one decide/plot roadmap. But you do need tools. I have 3 recommendations:

    1. Microsoft Excel
    2. Internal Wiki
    3. Bugzilla

    Follow it religiously and product management is a breeze.

  3. amit says:


    I have a slightly different perspective on a ‘product mgmt template/toolkit’ ; I haven’t gone through the link in great detail but it looks the kind of thing I would certainly like to avoid. Making products is more about being innovative and having out of the box thinking ; a structured template to manage the product mgmt process seems an overkill ; it might even be counterproductive. I say this from personal experince as I lead the product mgmt effort at out startup.


  4. Vijay says:

    Does the roadmap and product management details vary, depending on what curve of the industry you are working on? I mean, cutting edge companies reguire to be much more agile. I would like to see if this “kit” has the flexibility for that.

    I will take a look at it.

  5. Siddharth says:

    This toolkit looks really impressive and relevant.It follows such a nice question and answer format ( From the looks of the sample provided).Being a product startup in india investing 80$ for this is looking not a possibility at this stage.Though downloaded the evaluation version to see if can drive value out of it. Another question which came in my mind was is their any web based product management tool which asks for inputs and keep creating product reports while collabration between various members happen on the go but in path defined format.Secondly is it available in monthly subscription model. Answer on this will certainly help startup enviornment

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