Incubators in India

What is their role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India ? Can angels/VC firms work with incubators ? It looks like at Nirma Labs they have had three batches so far ( I do not know how many entrepreneurs) and so far none have actually made it to the angel/VC stage where they have repaid the incubation loan. The repayment of the incubation loan from the angel/VC round seems a bit odd. A model where the loan converts to equity seems much better. I am just wondering whether the Nirma Labs model can be made more entrepreneur/angel/VC friendly.

I want incubators to work so this is not intended as a criticism. Kudos to Nirma Labs for making their model transparent. If we can have a productive dialog it could help. I have heard about an IIT – Delhi incubator and an NS Raghavan incubator in Bangalore and some government incubators but I do not know their models.

If any of the incubators want to have a dialogue with me I would be happy to engage. I do not have much expertise with incubator models so if there any others who are reading this and have comments they are more than welcome.

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  1. AKHILA says:

    can anybody give me details of incubation centre in India for aquaculture promotion. as a researcher in this field i would like to know how far , how fast.

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