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Healthcare Automation

Hi! Sorry I have been out of scene for a while with my posts. For the past couple of months what is really caught my attention is a concept called Unbound Healthcare, this basically means remote monitoring of patients who have small gadgets attached to their bodies which collect medical related informtion like Temperature Fluctuations, […]

Upcoming Venture

I am in the process of formalizing an entity. Looking for some “techno-business-savvy” minds in this process. Guys, don’t send too many queries at this stage, but do respond if you have some interest in participating. Constraint of being in Delhi-NCR region.

Venturewoods bloggers wake up!

Saw a couple of posts that the level of activity on venturewoods is decreasing — I am convinced that everything that has to be said hasn’t been said, so wake up! And yes, have seen some interesting comments from some people who are not registered authors — if any of them want to write their […]

Who is an entrepreneur?

Was seeing a TV show yesterday, and one of the people (now, an entrepreneur) mentioned that in his past jobs, he had always taken a goal and then given the resources at hand, had tried to make the best of it — and in that sense those jobs themselves were very entrepreneurial… Got me to […]

Thoughts from Bay area

Have been out here in bay area for past few days, and visibly out of action on venturewoods. Everytime I come here a couple of things hit me: 1. The infrastructure for startups to get going is great — right from office space onwards. There are literally hundreds of easy to move in/low lockin options […]

Is it already ending?

Just read this article in Businessweek.I believe media always picks up a trend a little late, and whenever they write about a boom or a bust both phenomenon are already over, i.e. the best plays are gone- both on the upcycle or the downcycle. What do you folks think? is Web 2.0 picking up or […]

Writing for the attention starved world

From the Financial Express comes this interesting data point: The average time spent on the internet is on a rise. From 58 minutes on weekdays in the Indian Readership Survey (which tracks media consumption) July-December 2003, it increased to 63 in IRS July-December 2005. [Printer Friendly Version] While 63 minutes sounds like a lot, email […]

Critical Mass

In India what would be some good ways to get lets say 1 million members signed up. What you are becoming a member for is important but lets assume that the value proposition makes sense. Initially if say for the first 10000 members sign up is free. Then membership costs Rs 99/-. A member gets […]

What is your dangerous idea?

John Brockman is a literary agent, which is like saying that Sachin Tendulkar is a batsman. Brockman also runs one of the most thought-provoking and important salons around today – Edge. Basically, the idea is this – gather together the smartest people around (scientists, authors and other kinds of thinkers) and have them dialogue with […]