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9th Annual MIT Venture Capital Conference videos

9th Annual MIT Venture Capital Conference videos: List of Videos: 1. Mobile Innovations : The World Beyond Walled Gardens 2. Decision Making in Biotech Innovation: Who makes the Ideal CEO? 3. Investing in Energy Technology Innovation – How Long Does it Really Take? 4. Keynote Address: Rebecca Henderson 5. Monetizing Social Networking Businesses 6. […] nomination deadline extended to Dec 20 nomination deadline extended to Dec 20 From PROTO is a premier event to showcase new products, technologies and companies to a selected gathering. Due to the request of a lot of companies and peers, we have extended the deadline for nomination of companies that want to participate in the event to the 20th […]

Why are entrepreneurs worried about VC involvements?

There has been multiple studies suggesting that more and more businesses are relying on bootstrapping / angel money to start their business and are not too keen on the venture capital, at least in the initial days. A part of this is because of the decreased cost of starting a company and lower development costs because of […]

TiE-Canaan Entrepreneurial Challenge

At the TiECon Delhi 2006 today and tomorrow, Canaan Partners will be launching Entrepreneurial Challenge in partnership with TiE. It is an attempt to identify and empower tomorrow’s businesses. It has been my experience that most business plan events end on the day the competition ends. By bringing the right partners in place, we will […]

Venture Board

Sevin Rosen, one of the most respected names in the venture capital (the one that backed the likes of Compaq Computer) was not going to raise a new fund23 and would return the money to limited partners. The reason cited was lack of scalability, IPOs and the changing interest in the technology landscape. This is […]

Ecosystem Frustration

I read the posts/comments on VW since I have been away with interest. In my opinion most of the conflict and frustration arise from a lack of understanding on what kind of funding a venture needs and at what stage it is. First time entrepreneurs find it much harder. Entrepreneurs with a track record find […]

Y Combinator

Paul Graham has an interesting approach for seed funding. Maybe there is something we can learn and adapt. Some of us in Band of Angels may like to launch a Y Combinator . To do a proper launch will take some time. This post is just a test check to see what prospective entrepreneurs in […]

WB report on China and India in the Global Economy

This is a draft report, but looks very interesting. I will re-read this in more detail soon. China is now the world’s fourth largest economy and growing very fast. India’s economic salience is also on the rise. Together these two countries will profoundly influence the pace and nature of global economic change. Drawing upon the […]

Battery Ventures in India

Hi Everyone, I recently joined Battery Ventures to help with their India investment strategy and wanted to reach out to the Venturewood community with this post. Battery Ventures made its first investment in a purely India based product company in Jan 2005 in Tejas Networks India Pvt Ltd. We are close to announcing two additional […]

MIT Open Courseware

Some of you may find the course material of Global Entrepreneurship Lab Spring 2004/Fall 2005 interesting. I viewed a one hour plus video of a class session using Real Player. There were three options 56K, 80K, 220K. With my MTNL Broadband connection ( 256K) only the 56K worked with no interruptions. Three entrepreneurs spoke from […]

First time enterpreneurship

This articles page has a set of really good articles and advise for first time enterpreneurs. The first time I found this I was up all night reading as many articles as I can ( while watching a late night football world cup match) Enjoy folks! 0