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Winners Of The Entrepreneur Journeys Book Promotion

Hello readers, here are the winners of the Entrepreneur Journeys book review promotion: Entrepreneur Journeys (Volume One) Virat Singh Khutal Manav Ahuja Bipin Preet Singh Manjula Sridhar Suarabh Garg :: Entrepreneur Journeys (Volume Two): Bootstrapping, Doing More With Less  Sreekanth Balakrishnan Varun Gupta Vineesh Kumar Roopesh Nair Shashank Mohan Winners, you will hear from Maureen […]

Special Offer for VentureWoods Readers

Indian entrepreneurs and readers, Alok Mittal suggested a special offer for VentureWoods readers. I’m always interested in your perspective and am curious to hear some of your thoughts after reading my Entrepreneur Journeys and Bootstrapping books. I will gladly have a copy of either book sent to the first 10 people who are interested in […]

Bootstrapping: Doing More With Less

Some of you may have followed a recent discussion on my blog, 18,000 People On The Bench At Infosys. I have to say, I am continuously frustrated by aspiring entrepreneurs telling me that they cannot move forward because seed funding is not available in India. My message has always been, bootstrap the beginning, and then […]

Capitalism 2.0

Indian entrepreneurs and readers, I’d love to hear from you on what you envision as Capitalism 2.0, give your somewhat different perspective than those of my American readers. I started writing this series and am, one by one, tackling the various issues that constitute not only the economic framework, but also the philosophical framework. From […]

Strategy Roundtables for Entrepreneurs

Friends, some of you have attended the strategy roundtables I have been doing for several months now. Here are some recordings. This morning’s roundtable, in particular, had some very good discussion on when to raise money and when not to, instead choosing the bootstrapping path. I encourage all of you who are toying with your […]

Free Strategy Roundtables For Entrepreneurs

I am doing some Free Online Strategy Roundtables for entrepreneurs to discuss your business issues with me. During this 60-minute session, entrepreneurs are invited to pitch me their ideas in a 3-minute presentation. I will review the material in real-time and provide feedback on each pitch, as well as address specific strategy questions from the […]

Feedback for Forbes Column

Friends, I am doing a series on Entrepreneurship in India for Forbes, and would like to hear your thoughts. Would you please comment at my site and leave your name/affiliation on the site, so that I can use some of your comments in the articles, and duly attribute them? The first of these pieces is […]

Free To Innovate

I have been talking to lots of entrepreneurs about various business models to support innovation, especially in industries from which VCs are pulling out (Security, Networking, Chips, Enterprise Software, etc.). This article looks at a business model that offers an alternative framework to support innovation. Read my latest Forbes column, Free to Innovate, and the […]

Murli Thirumale’s SDBS Formula for New Ventures

Here’s a discussion with serial entrepreneur Murli Thirumale on how he comes up with new ventures: “I have a phrase which I have coined,” he says. “SDBS. It stands for sell, design, build, sell. SDBS is in contrast to designing something, building it and then trying to sell it, which is the model most big […]

Rare Specie: A Bengali Entrepreneur

Okay, don’t chew me for saying this, but a Bengali Entrepreneur IS a rare specie. Let me introduce you to one that is both quite successful, and also generous about contributing back to the cause of promoting entrepreneurship: DimDim CEO DD Ganguly. And if you do want to chew me, do so by proving me […]