Indian entrepreneurs and readers, I’d love to hear from you on what you envision as Capitalism 2.0, give your somewhat different perspective than those of my American readers.

I started writing this series and am, one by one, tackling the various issues that constitute not only the economic framework, but also the philosophical framework. From Justice to Regulation, from Integrity to Credit, and meandering through the alleys of Character and Logic, we are discussing all the components of Capitalism, and brainstorming about a better system.

The US has taken a disturbingly European-style socialist turn, even as India and China are moving towards Capitalism. In doing so, however, it is critical, that the mistakes of America are not repeated, and most certainly, Europe cannot be the ideal, with all the entrepreneurs fleeing countries like France!

Also, one of the most disturbing elements of American capitalism has been that the system rewards Speculators over Value Creators, and does not penalize Value Destroyers.

I invite you to contribute to this debate, to engage, think, participate, research, study – and be a part of defining the new system as it emerges.