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Imbuing the Public Service with Entrepreneurialism

Cross-posted from The Subaltern Studies (An interdisciplinary studies in media and communications). Pardon me if it sounds a little off-topic. I was just keen to explore the commercial realm of public policy, civil administration, professional advocacy and political lobbying in India. A recent spat between the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Union Public Service Commission […]

Two new web security (SaaS) startups

I was just waiting for something like this to happen. Purewire and ZScaler will be upping the ante in the lucrative managed services market. The companies are backed by security superstars like Jay Chaudhary and veterans from CipherTrust and ISS. Prices range roughly from $1-$5 (per user per month) and $30 (per user per year) […]

Security startups to watch

Here’s a list of some bright and upcoming security companies which, in my opinion, have a promising potential: Endeavor Security (, Rating 4/5) – My bets are on this startup. Endeavor is an early-stage company working on a truly disruptive security framework which could be the next big thing in Internet-wide threat analysis and actionable […]

ArcSight IPO: A positive vibe

So ArcSight, the enterprise security and compliance management company, went public a couple of weeks ago. Market watchers and industry analysts had always held mixed views about the company, and the same story goes with its IPO too. The hints of a listing came to be known publicly in September 2006, when the Valley kahuna […]

Great read: SaaSy security suits small businesses

Absolutely credible and intuitive assessment of the consolidated and de-productized information security market by David Cowan of Bessemer Venture Partners. David has hit the bullseye here, beautifully explaining the current and underlying bottlenecks ailing the business of information security. Personally, I feel this is a brilliant take on the future of the IT security industry. […]

Hacking The Himalayas

Continuing on the thought-provoking post by Sanjay, I wanted to share a very interesting story of human endeavor and social entrepreneurship. The amalgamation of right ideas, right minds and right knowledge can definitely change human perspective and enlighten society. A Silicon Valley escapist, members of the old-school computer security group called the Cult of Dead […]

Creative Destruction

Entrepreneurship induces destructive changes in the underlying system. This is how the famed, uncontemporary economist Joseph Schumpeter defined it. He termed it as Creative Destruction. This rebel economist was the first one to rightly predict economic ecosystems like Silicon Valley, giving a deep existential insight into the mind of the entrepreneur. A far-cry and almost […]

Business Plan Archive

Just stumbled on this interesting website which can be a useful resource for entrepreneurs who want to get a taste of how some real business plans were blueprinted, formulated and implemented. The Business Plan Archive is a joint archiving project headed by prestigious institutions like Library of Congress, the Center for History and New Media […]