I have recently started taking workout any seriously. Every evening I go to bed thinking that I will stick to my workout goals and will workout with complete sincerity and dedication. However, morning always brings with itself an almost debilitating feeling of laziness, doubt and the usual lack of conviction – why do I need to put myself through so much hassle.

These few moments every morning are the most critical moments. My eventual workout goals depend on these few moments. This is the tipping point when I have to decide if sleep is more important or my workout goals.

If I just get through these few moments with conviction, I don’t get these feelings any more. It is almost like fearing cold water before plunging in. Once in, that is once you cross the tipping point, the fear stops you no more. It is only this one very brief instant, that you need to have very strong will power.

If you are running a start-up, or working in an ‘entrepreneurial’ role in a company, there will be many tipping point moments. In these moments you just need to push yourself a little and then the rest will follow. Identify these tipping point moments and very consciously work on being strong at these times.

The greater the uncertainty (or the bigger the goal) the more difficult is being strong. This is very true if you are into sales. Sales people stare in the face of uncertainty day in and day out. Hence, it is very important to be focused and just take the plunge when the water seems too cold, or the dive seems too deep. You might regret later if you do not.

Remember, the entire context of this write-up is in view of small everyday problems and the associated decision making. Strategic or long term goal-setting can be very different. It is once you have set your long term end goal, this will help you stay on track and reach new milestones. Incremental progress is what adds up to transformational progress. Keep at it, small steps – but do not stop, do not doubt.