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Chatbots and AI – Indian SaaS space heating up

Intelligent Ticks, the ticks anybody using any chat app will be familiar with – These are the ticks that let you know if your message has been sent, delivered and read. These tiny, innocuous color changing ticks inspired Himanshu Gupta and sparked the idea for his start-up IntelliTicks. IntelliTicks provides chat and voice bot solutions […]

Health-tech start-up space in India

The reason why Nitin stepped into entrepreneurship was to bring about positive social impact. Coming from an engineering background, Nitin worked for a large telecom company. He enjoys conceptualizing, designing and making physical products. He decided to take the road less travelled and channelize his love for making product to solve a very important problem […]

The tipping point

I have recently started taking workout any seriously. Every evening I go to bed thinking that I will stick to my workout goals and will workout with complete sincerity and dedication. However, morning always brings with itself an almost debilitating feeling of laziness, doubt and the usual lack of conviction – why do I need […]

Everyone is a salesperson

No matter how great the product is, the importance of a solid sales function cannot be undermined. If you do not agree with this statement, perhaps the rest of the write-up will not resonate or make sense and you are better off saving a couple of minutes by not proceeding further. If you are a […]