Great article on what creates a valuable company – while the article is rooted in a discussion around “revenue multiples”, the key characteristics it outlines seem generally true for valuable companies. Summary:
1. Sustainable competitive advantage
2. Network effects
3. Revenue visibility
4. Customer lock-in
5. Gross Margins
6. Marginal profitability/ Profit scalability
7. Customer concentration
8. Partner dependency
9. Organic demand
10. Growth

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Alok Mittal

Alok is a first generation entrepreneur, currently CEO and Co-founder of Indifi, a platform for small business lending.

Alok is a board member at TiE Delhi, and a founding member of Indian Angel Network.

Prior to Indifi, Alok ran India venture operations for Canaan Partners in India, with focus on internet, technology and BPO space. Earlier, Alok cofounded, a leading job portal which was acquired by Alok is a computer science graduate from IIT Delhi and, postgraduate from UC, Berkeley.

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