Once upon a time there was a group of people who wanted to create the next generation Business Intelligence software for the Banking industry. We theorized that there is a lot of data being accumulated and wasted by Core Banking systems which could be used to drive profit enhancing decision making. 

We set out to create a technology platform that would be cheap to buy, easy to install, maintain and enhance. The outcome of this technologically charged, creative attempt was Vyasa – A Web 2.0 J2EE platform weaving together various BI technologies such as OLAP, Search, Reporting, Scorecards, and Analytics etc.  

We made business plans claiming to sell this technology to banks across the world that were looking to reduce the cost and complexity of Business Intelligence implementation projects.  We spent iteration after iteration of development effort in perfecting the platform, integrating it with workflow and OLTP systems. 

Vyasa was showcased in the first edition of Proto.in, a proud moment for the team that spent a good part of a year developing it. Proto.in, January 2007 happened to be a turning point for the young company that was i-Create. Several conversations with a number of people across various stages of the startup experience triggered action on a thought that had lingered for a while, but, never had come to the forefront till then. We need to sell this thing! 

Experienced hands at entrepreneurship (we were new to it then) would know that a whole new organizational architecture emerges when the primary goal of an organization changes from building a product to selling a product. We called this Business Oriented Architecture.