Once primary focus changed from building a product to selling it, i-Create was a different place. We realized that there was going to be no external funding that could help us spend some more time in the comfy confines of the lab and delay diving headlong into the competitive world that is Enterprise IT sales. 

Amazing things happen when a team is looking for business problems to solve. Every problem that a potential client discusses becomes a candidate for our technology to solve. The ADS solution was one such result.  

A bank in South Africa had been doing small ticket business for over five years with a growing customer base. Its OLTP database was bursting at the seams with reams and reams of small value transactions. They needed to get them out of the OLTP system and archive them. 

The traditional way to solve the problem would be to archive these transactions on low cost storage where retrieval would be a manual operational process on demand. Not so with ADS (Archive Data Store). Combining data warehousing techniques with the traditional need to archive, the solution provided a BI-ready, real time query and search facility on historical transactions which would otherwise have been banished to the realms of archival. 

A company’s urge to solve business problems with innovative application of technology assets and management’s urge grow the company while also making every customer engagement profitable – Business Oriented Architecture?