Interesting report from Universal McCann on social media. With respect to India, while overall Internet penetration remains abyssmal, some of the social media metrics fare better (on base of 17M active users in target group):

  • 85% read blogs, with fairly high frequency of usage
  • 66% have created a profile on a social network, and frequently update it
  • 65% upload photos; 53% upload videos, 85% watch them

The numbers do look high to me, but remember its on young active part of the internet users. If true, this data throws up an interesting observation – while the internet penetration itself is growing slowly, there seems to be a 10M+ sophisticated consumer base that has evolved, whose usage is in line with the most internet-advanced countries. This base of customers can potentially be an interesting market. Perhaps not for advertising oriented business, but more so for transaction based business which can derive more value per subscriber. It would be interesting to understand the disposable income level of this group – just in case the majority of these are poor students…