TiE Canaan Entrepreneurial Challenge 2008 was concluded on Saturday, 5th July.

The winners of the Challenge are:

Equitas – A microfinance company, which started 6 months back with great management team. They have been able to innovate around processes to scale very fast in this business.

Druvaa Systems – It’s a backup company focusing at laptops and handhelds.

Iken – A company with core IP in analytics and is applying that to storefronts (web and mobile) to present the “right catalog” to each customer.

Overall, it was an exciting series and pretty enjoyable interacting with all the companies. I think feedback from participants, if they are reading this entry would be valuable.

The inside working of series would be aired by CNBC later this month. Due to lack of any other communication platform, I’ll inform here on the dates.

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