The Nominations for this edition of seems like they all came in in a flurry in the last couple of weeks in quite a bit of speed. We have close to 80 Nominations and some very fabulously interesting companies – there are 12 that I am personally handpicking after a lot of debate and deliberation.

For one, it seems like this season is a fabulous time for startups. I am seeing a lot of activity, an splurge in the number of new startups, and some very cool ideas. I am still not seeing the kind of diversity that I’d like to see with more companies from the Semiconductor, Cleantech, Consumer Hardware, Manufacturing etc Participating, but that what we are going to be doing for the next couple of days. If You are a company in that space, dont feel shy – we do not reject companies that aren’t exactly in the IT/ITeS space – and do nominate.

I strongly believe that the next sectoral growth is pretty much in the non-IT space for us. And those companies very much need the exposure.

To Keep it short, the link to nominate your company is here, and for those who have nominated, good luck. You’ll be hearing from us shortly.

As for the others, the registrations are open. Seats are limited. So so sign up if you are planning to attend. The theme of topics for this edition’s Fastrack Sessions are on “How To Sell!”. There is quite a bit of gyan floating around for a startup as to how to go pitch to an investor and raise money. But if you ask a startup how to position themselves in the market, how they should budget for marketing, how to build trust and credibility in the market to sell to enterprise customers, when would free come to bite you back, etc etc, It seems that there are very few people who can answer those questions. We are hoping that with the sessions on the first day, we can clear some of those misty doubts in that area.

Hope to see you there!