plugHROne year down the launch of commercial model of plugHR in April 2007, chasing a million dollar first year dream, plugHR proved the concept by reaching almost half of targetted numbers.

So HR can be delivered through autoserve platform, is what some two dozen CEOs experienced with plugHR managers driving their HR strategies in a highly motivated manner. Ofcourse, we faced all sorts of things along the way. But with renewals happening now, plugHR is targetting 100 companies on its platform by March 2009.

Idea is simple, we set up and run HR department for companies. 15 days and a simple sign up is all it takes to get HR department up and running with standard delivery model, professional manager on site and sharp Project manager bringing in supervision. We cleared some serious bandwidth for CEOs last year.

Not to miss, cost of running HR department crashes to half. Quite naturally then, all our clients came in through client references only & we remained geography independant. We did Mumbai, Delhi, Nasik, Singapore, attempting New Jersey, Bangalore now.

plugHR product portfolio ensures that there’s a suitable format for every size of company. Our smallest client is 7 people 🙂

I can be reached on 9870257257.


I was convinced of being an enterpreneur when I got pulled up one way or the other by every employer who hired me for doing things my way (wrong way they said). But they were happy I did it anyway almost always.

10 years of paid work - more better than worse.... Hutchison Max, BPL US West, JobsAhead..... my best is still to come....

One wife...One kid... sexy car and my Guitar keep me occupied most of the of the time my employer asks me to clock hours at office...(be a role model he says)....
Well I have my own role model...and what do you do if its Recardo Semler...

And I live in Mumbai (its worse than that now....the traffic jam has moved up by some 30000 ft....You'll know when you try to land at our International Airport)

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