I’m not sure if I’m posting this piece in a correct section or not. Let me know if it happens to land into wrong section.

Recently I looking for some good and cheap payment gateway vendors, for my small e-commerce application. The target client base is all Indian and currency would be all INR. I ran into issues like – If I get services of vendors based out of US, then I save on cost involved, but then I have to deal with only credit cards. And If I want to support internet banking and debit card usage then I have to use the vendor services available in India, which is quite costly.

From here I started thinking of building my own payment gateway and I was stuck up soon with so many hurdles in my way. I don’t know how to develop a payment gateway, the technologies involved, the kind of logistics required, how to get the banks on board for online banking and all. I’m hoping to get some directions from all the experienced people here on VentureWoods.


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