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Online vouchers – SaaS approach

Recently I was approached by some people who were interested in developing a software for the administration of their daily office work. They wanted it really cheap. Now these are the poeple who started using computers at their workplace recently. Now they have realized that a software can give them some advantage in the competition. […]

Designing/Developing a payment gateway

I’m not sure if I’m posting this piece in a correct section or not. Let me know if it happens to land into wrong section. Recently I looking for some good and cheap payment gateway vendors, for my small e-commerce application. The target client base is all Indian and currency would be all INR. I […]

Google joins band of angels

This news appeared in toda’s Business Standard. May be of interest to people here. Google joins hands with Band of Angels Raghuvir Badrinath / Bangalore July 25, 2007 Google Inc, the $-10 billion Internet major, is set to lead the angel investing scenario in India. The company, which has been acquiring mature companies across the […]

24X7 Study Portal for Management Entrance Studies

I have been thinking on this idea for quite a some time now. It would be good to have this idea discussed over here. The plan is to have the study material for management entrance exams (like CAT/GMAT) made available through some software, both online and offline. If we look at the candidates who take […]