All of you might have seen venturewoods in transition over past month or so. Thanks for bearing with us through a relatively slow upgrade effort. The key things we have been able to accomplish are:

  • Transitioning to the latest wordpress system to provide us flexibility going forward
  • Have author names on individual post pages, and split comments onto multiple pages
  • Post ratings
  • Monitoring site uptime and errors

I want to thank Gaurav who continues to support VW. Also, Rehan has chipped in to lend support on the monitoring front. And most of the actual work on functionality was done by Ashish – he had been feeling a bit disappointed at how VW is shaping – luckily we were able to coopt him into helping us!

There is a roadmap going forward – we would like to have an answers facility, structure the job board better, perhaps enable more interactivity on user profiles and so on. Hopefully, we can put some dedicated resources to make this happen soon. Equally important is to maintain the quality of discussions and relevance to our audience – thats what makes a community successful. Thank you all for that!