Hi, i am facing some generic problems and i think many of us out here should be facing the same …. so i thought i might put up a post regarding the same and attract some wise answers.

My customers are enterprises, so my viewpoint and questions revolve around them. Feel free to give generic answers …

1. Website management – Whats’ the easiest way to manage and scale a website with more of less static pages. I found wordpress to be an overkill and wiki an over simplification. In wordpress you have to remove/turn-off all the extra features which are blog centric and wiki’s flat URL hierarchy kills a lot of fun.

2. Online suppor system and Knowledge base (KB)– I found no good (esp. Open Source/Free in code or cost) solutions for managing customer centric issues or knowledge articles. Any suggestions. I can foresee in very near future that, KB and support and licenses if not centralized can become a mess. I just found JIRA and Confluence good, but seems like even they are not very much customer centric and costly. BTW, I use trac for internal development and project management.

Also how do you handle customer calls. Its easy now giving customers just one mobile number, but don’t see it scaling.

3. Open Source: Any indian companies here, with good experience of utilizing the Open Source development model, not just PR ?

As i understand, to utilize the benefits of open source, you should have a community which also gives back in source or opinion. Rest is just PR.

4. Enterpreneur Meetings : Do you guys meet up some place where VCs are not there ?

I am not particularly happy the way these conferences by nasscon/Tie are organized. They charge a big sum + travel and usually there are just 1/2 speakers ready to share and interact. VCs and Speakers are praising what they have done “right” in past and attendees are just busy pleasing them. Now it may be just me feeling this way …

IMO, Good food involves much more than knowledge of “good recipes”. I guess you should know the possible mistakes/gochas as well. I have done atleast 1001 mistakes, and would like to share them and learn from others.

So, if all those who have done in the past and all those attempting the same can get together dumping there company tags behind, outside a five star hotel … I think it would be great !!
Opinions ??

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