My colleague David Cowan writes on how to construct a business plan. He distinguishes between the more elaborate version prepared as an internal operating document and a more concise version that’s better-suited for getting through to a VC with a limited attention span! I’ve been guilty (along with my former colleagues) of (In case you missed it) it’s World Cup season and we’ve been preparing the perfect match- Munchies to keep you, and the inevitable flock of footy fans draped on your sofa, happy!Talking about feelings runs the risk of ridicule and rejection. consistently violating this principle, in my earlier role at McKinsey. We regularly prepared dense slides with loads of data, that were ideally suited to leave behind as a document of record. However, the same slides were disastrous to present in a progress review and communicate key messages to senior client managers.


Am currently with Bessemer Venture Partners, based in Mumbai. We are looking to invest both venture and growth capital in exciting Indian companies. I started my career as a chip designer with Intel in Santa Clara, in the Pentium II and Celeron design teams, having studied at IITM and UCLA before that. I moved back to India in 1999, did my MBA from IIMA, and then worked at McKinsey serving a range of Indian/MNC clients across sectors. I also write at

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