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The Valley Indians are coming to NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011.

Yes the Indian pioneers who broke new grounds and made India an integral part of Silicon Valley’s success are coming to NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011. Book your seat now to meet these pioneers!

These Valley Indians are part of computing and technology folklore and for good reason. They have built multi-billion dollar businesses from scratch, transformed industries ranging from hardware and software to energy to education. Some like Vinod Khosla are iconic Venture Capital leaders, others like Sanjiv Sidhu and Anand Rajaraman are successful software entrepreneurs. Some like Prof. Vivek Wadhwa are global media influencers whose every word is gospel for millions, others like Naveen Jain dream beyond Earth into opportunities in Space. Some like Vivek Paul have transformed industries both in India and the US. And that’s not all – we have many more Silicon Valley thought leaders lined up for the event.

NPC 2011 is proud to bring these pioneering Silicon Valley Indians to Bangalore on Nov 9 and 10 to share their entrepreneur war stories and present their vision of technology and software products.

In addition to plenary talks by these legends, we have organized special sessions where entrepreneurs can interact further with them.

The Valley Indians are coming to NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011.

View more presentations from NASSCOM EMERGE Forum

Do you want to be known as one of the Future IT Companies globally..? Here’s your chance to participate in the NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Awards for 2011.

EMERGE 50Do your products/services have the potential to redefine benchmarks of excellence for the industry? Have you witnessed accelerated growth patterns over the last 2-3 years consistently using innovative business models? Have you successfully ventured and leveraged emerging/domestic markets for faster financial growth? Here’s your chance to ride the wave to fame, as INNOVATION, GROWTH and START-UPS are the 3 categories for the 3rd annual NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Awards.

In an endeavor to showcase the brightest stars in the emerging and start-up community and support their development, we invite fast-growing Indian IT companies to send nominations for recognizing their ground-breaking products/services in the IT sector. The NASSCOM EMERGE 50 awards for 2011 aims to highlight the next set of 50 emerging companies with the key objective of building the future companies for the country. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 aims to showcase the most promising product companies in the emerging and start-up community that are shaping the future of India. On request of participating companies, we are extending the last date to September 10th, 2011. You can apply here.

This year the “Top 50 Emerging Companies” and “League of Ten” will be recognized at the annual NASSCOM Product Conclave in Bangalore.

Recognition for winners at an awards ceremony at the NASSCOM Product Conclave, November 9-10th 2011, Bangalore attended by 1200+ delegates, 600+ companies from across the world

  • Top 10 companies will be provided FREE stalls space in the Premium Exhibit area at the Product Conclave
  • Top 10 companies will also get 2 FREE passes to the Product Conclave
  • Applying for EMERGE 50, 2011 is FREE for all companies
  • Register your Software Product FREE in the Marketplace –

Here’s how the EMERGE 50 2010 winners benefited from the visibility, mentorship, networking and growth opportunities provided through this platform.

  • “Top 50 Emerging Companies” and “League of Ten” duly recognized at the EMERGEOUT Conclave in Delhi, 2011
  • Company Listing in Dataquest – the leading IT magazine
  • Editorial coverage in the NASSCOM EMERGE Newsletter and NASSCOM Newsline
  • NASSCOM partner companies provided consulting support under the Mentorship Program  to most finalists
  • Showcase of EMERGE Top 50 product companies to the CIO community in the annual Product Conclave
  • 30 entrepreneurs from the EMERGE community featured on
  • Showcase of EMERGE 50 companies at other NASSCOM events
  • Partner search facilitated through the Global Trade Development initiatives

Read some of the testimonials from some of the members who got featured in the EMERGE 50 editions. Many more initiatives will be rolled out in the next few weeks. If you have any queries please feel free to reach out to us at Like last year, we have partnered with Zinnov Consulting as a Process Partner for this initiative.

Due to popular demand, we have extended the nomination timeline for the prestigious NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Awards from 25th August to Saturday 10th September, 2011.

Ideas, New Possibilities to “EMERGEOUT” on August 12th in Gurgaon

It is that time of the year again when you should block your calendars for the annual EMERGEOUT Conclave in Gurgaon. Given the number of ideas that you’d walk away with, the industry leaders you’ll get to listen to as well as the networking opportunities, the EMERGEOUT Conclave offers the very best ‘bang for the buck.’

But, for those worshippers of point driven logic, here are 5 reasons you should block your calendar for the 12th of August.

  • The event agenda is crowded with great speakers including R Chandrashekhar, secretary of Department of Information Technology (DIT), Rajendra S. Pawar – Chairman, NASSCOM, Chairman and co-founder of the NIIT Group and Arjun Malhotra, Chairman, Emeritus, HeadStrong.
  • Themed around “New age opportunities for software companies via Cloud, Mobile & Social platforms”, the event offers a great mix of in-depth sessions, workshops and informal ‘round-the-table discussions – it’s the most variety you would see in a single day!
  • The workshops alone are good reasons to attend – you can choose between “Crossing the 10 crore chasm” anchored by Dr. Anand Deshpande, CEO & MD, Persistent Systems & Dr. Ashok Korwar, Management Consultant, IIM Ahmedabad, and “Raising of Equity Capital and Listing of SMEs on BSE SME Exchange” by Lakshman Gugulothu IPS – CEO, BSE SME Exchange, BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) Ltd. (Actually you don’t need to choose, as the convenient schedule will make it possible for you to take in both!)
  • For the big picture view, the conference has roped in Ellen Daley, Vice President & Practice Leader, Forrester Research, who will be speaking on “Mobile App Internet Recasts The Software And Services Landscape”
  • A special “AppFAME” section will showcase eight  mobile apps that could possibly be industry movers

The EMERGEOUT Conclave has something to offer everyone. Now, there is no excuse remaining for you not to sign up for the conference (There is a special price for the Startups!) Register before its too late..

NASSCOM EMERGEOUT 2011 – New age opportunities for software companies via Cloud, Mobile & Social platforms

Unarguably, the next drivers of the Indian Tech Industry will be in the domain of Cloud and Mobile. In the next 5 years, the number of Internet users is expected to increase by three-fold, to a whopping 300 million. This penetration will most certainly include the semi-urban segment which is largely out of the ambit today. Studies indicate, the Cloud Computing Market, which shows a promising 110 Mn USD will touch 1 Bn USD or thereabouts during this time. Likewise 826 Mn Wireless users will expand to 1.2 Bn. All this will happen in the next 5 years. Exciting times await us!

The next wave of GDP, employment and productivity growth is most likely to come from this segment. It will lead to empowerment, as new jobs get created. Internet adoption adds 2.6 jobs for every job lost due to better productivity. It will lead to increased efficiencies as SMBs are likely to benefit the most from SaaS rationalization and availability of raw computing power. Opportunities abound, there are challenges which need to be addressed. Every edition of EMERGEOUT (now in its 8th avatar) has featured new trends – the opportunities, the journey and the roadmap to reach there. This time, the focus is on New age opportunities for software companies via Cloud, Mobile & Social platforms.

Which are the areas that this conference is likely to touch upon?

  • How do we build an eco-system which will induce young entrepreneurs to start ventures in this domain. Can we showcase enough success stories which will help break down age-old myths. Can we create channels where the individual can touch upon for financial support and not spend an insane amount of time running from pillar-to-post.
  • How does one scale up? What are the challenges of scaling-up – structurally, technically and financially? We have workshops planned, by some very senior thought leaders to address these issues.
  • Celebrating Entrepreneurship – how different are tech entrepreneurs from their predecessors.
  • Experiments with “Sales” – strategies likely to succeed.
  • Dark side of saying “No” – when and if at all should entrepreneurs walk away from deals? If at all.

These are of course some basic building blocks. Over and above this, we have NASSCOM EMERGE AppFAME Contest. We are looking for cool mobile apps that surprise and delight mobile users.  Do you have a mobile app that is making life of a customer easier, helping them save time and be more productive. Someone said they are the “rock star mobile apps.”

If you think all this is exciting enough to invest a day of your time, then please register for the 8th EMERGEOUT 2011, New Delhi. After all, August isn’t very far away and we are giving away the early bird discounts.

Dreaming a Startup? – Join us at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010

Starting up is not easy. You have to wear a hundred different hats at the same time. Building team, product design, coding, testing, marketing, selling, finance, admin, HR and everything else that comes along the way (or in the way). Does the very thought of this deter you from setting off on your dream journey? Does it push you back to your 9-to-5 tryst with that big company with fancy buildings, where you are a resource known by an ID rather than your first name?

Consider again. There hasn’t been a better time to be a part of the Indian product scene. The industry is gathering momentum and is expected to grow to US $12 billion by 2015. VCs are more confident than ever of investing in Indian product companies. The brightest minds are bored of doing mindless jobs and are looking to work on “real projects” that add “real value” to the ecosystem. IT consumption in domestic market is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more mentors are willing to spend time with startups to make them the next big success story. Internet and mobile are becoming key-enablers in reaching out to markets which you never knew existed, and most of it for free. So what are you waiting for?

Come and hear from people who have been there and done that, validate your idea with industry experts, participate in un-conference sessions, understand lean startup models, learn about the new opportunities that exist in the market and network with VCs & angels….come, feel the pulse of the Indian software product industry. All of this at the

NASSCOM Product Conclave, the Mecca for Indian product companies, on 10th and 11th November in Bangalore.

As Guy Kawasaki points out, “The hardest thing about getting started is getting started.”

See you in Bangalore! – Go ahead and register before 10th October to avail special discount.

‘India taking leadership in the Cloud’ at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010, Bangalore, 10-11th November

Managing a product company is becoming increasingly complex in today’s shrinking world. Product Design and Ideation, Market Fit, Operations, Deliveries, Staffing, Marketing and so on. Where do you begin? And if you’re already in business, how do you scale up?

After a tremendously successful event last year, the next edition of the NASSCOM Product Conclave is here again on November 10 and 11 in Bangalore. Hear the experts, share your experiences, validate your ideas and bounce off your views, formally and informally.

Eminent speakers like Amitabh Srivatava (Microsoft), Mr. M.R Rangaswami(Sand Hill Group LLC), Polly Sumner (, Naeem Zafar(Concordia Ventures), Prof. Vivek Wadhwa, Sramana Mitra and Dr. Sridhar Vembu (Zoho Corp) a have already signed up to share insights and best practices. Parallel tracks and “unsessions” have been included to suit every requirement. Taking cognizance of feedback from last year’s sessions, the program is even sharper and focused and divided into an eclectic mix of business and technology which is targeted at a range of companies from start-ups to mature organizations. There’s something for everyone – CXO, marketing director, product manager, entrepreneur… Improved, Insightful and Intellectually Stimulating.

This event has carved a niche for itself as the only software product forum in South Asia with excellent opportunities to learn, share ideas and voice opinions.

Will you be there.?

Join us to learn about the opportunities and success stories of Indian Digital Economy

More than 300 executives from start-ups, emerging companies and especially those developing mobile, internet applications will converge on New Delhi on the 25th of August for what is the definitive event for an IT start-up in India – the EMERGEOUT Conclave to understand “What it takes to build a successful mobile, internet company from India?”.

Learn from the industry thought leaders on new opportunities and interact with people who built and are building successful mobile, internet companies from India. Also many emerging company executives who attend to brainstorm their ideas, free wheeling discussions and networking all of which are especially pertinent for small to mid size companies trying to become game changers.

Technology, often disruptive in nature is at the heart of a start-up’s differentiators to make them game changers. No surprise then that EMERGEOUT has in the past been themed around Cloud Computing, and that the current theme is “The Mobile Internet & AppStore”.  This makes the event a must attend for the technology and business strategists.

Over the past four editions, the EMERGEOUT Conclave has become ‘the’ event on the calendar of a start-up CXO. Given the number of senior executives and CXOs the event attracts, in their wake come the Research Analysts, Bloggers and Media, who track and report on the sector.

Attending the Conclave gives a visitor a clear sense of where the action is in the emerging companies space and hear their stories, learn from companies building successful business cases. And in keeping with the ‘catch them young’ strategy, the Conclave brings in Investors looking for the next big idea and the next little company that will implement that game changing idea. Register now!

For Sponsors, its hard to find a more focused target audience. Nor a more responsive one…..the level of debate, interaction and buzz is not seen at too many other conferences!

EMERGEOUT has something for everyone — Now, you cant find an excuse for not attending. Join Us!

Its time to unveil the NASSCOM EMERGE 50 for 2010

NASSCOM EMERGE 50NASSCOM EMERGE 50 is back – and in a bigger avatar. After the success of last year’s listing, the EMERGE Forum within NASSCOM has begun work in full earnest for the 2010 listing. In addition to last year’s categories of Growth, Markets (non-traditional / domestic), Products, and Services, this year, the categories have been expanded to include the Start-Ups. And in another first, all the 50 companies will be profiled in a booklet to be released by NASSCOM at the EMERGEOUT conclave in New Delhi on August 25 2010.Why the EMERGE 50?

With EMERGE 50, we have a sharp focus – in the process we have been able to spotlight some really good companies, that were hitherto unnoticed. Plus with the level of detail that we go into with each company has helped us build an excellent dataset – covering funding, cash flows, employees, markets and specializations – for over 200 companies. This has really helped us get a sense of trends in this space.

It has indeed been a tough job for the jury members, the Zinnov team and NASSCOM for selecting the 50 emerging/start-up companies.

The Process that we followed

  • Companies were invited to nominate themselves in any of the categories.  We received 200 plus entries this year across  5 categories.
  • Applications were sorted out in different categories (i.e. Growth, Markets, Products, Services, & Start-ups)
  • Companies were evaluated on basic criterions such as revenue growth rates for last 3 years, revenue contribution, average revenue per employee etc. to arrive at the preliminary shortlist of companies in each category
    • Only relevant criterion were put for individual categories.
    • The shortlisted companies were then objectively evaluated (through a mathematical model) on a number of parameters including financials, growth, market differentiator, customers, market visibility, & distribution/ GTM
    • The evaluation on above parameters was used to come up with a net score for individual companies and hence the shortlist of top companies in each category

The EMERGE 50 listing has quickly built credibility as the definitive listing of companies to watch for. With the focus on segment-wide trends and analysis, the 2010 editions promises to be both information and insightful!

Here goes the NASSCOM EMERGE 50 for 2010(in alphabetical order)

Stay tuned for more updates about the companies and for the Top ten companies.

NASSCOM EMERGE 50….emerge a winner!

It is publicity (of the right variety) that creates winners. Of course not to suggest even for a minute that substance is secondary. It isn’t. If anything, it will always remain the primary reason, that will differentiate the winners from “also-rans.”  But, as they say even Eagles need a push! The IT industry is not short of ideas, talent or the willingness to execute. However, when we take an annual headcount, only a handful actually matter. Strangely enough, the names are repetitive as very few are added on to the flock.EMERGE 50 was an idea conceptualised by the NASSCOM EMERGE Community to create a platform and showcase some of the SME companies which have the potential to make a difference. We initiated the programme last year and invited applications from Emerging companies in four distinct categories: EMERGE Growth, EMERGE Markets, EMERGE Products, EMERGE Service. The parameters for judging were:

  1. The companies which achieved the fastest growth over past 2-3 years.
  2. Those which offer unique value proposition – game-changers
  3. Those with unique organisational work models
  4. Those operating in non-traditional markets
  5. Those having built their own IPR, and
  6. Unique delivery systems like SaaS, Cloud Computing etc

We received over 200 Applications from as many as 12 cities. A jury of 7 members, went through each one of the applications and that is how the top 50 Emerging Companies “emerged.” It would be interesting to note how the winners could leverage this opportunity and create awareness.

  1. All 50 companies were listed in DataQuest
  2. In NASSCOM Newsline/NASSCOM EMERGE Blog/Newsletter
  3. Mentoring was offered to most of the companies who got short-listed
  4. Showcase of EMERGE Product Companies to the CIO community in the Product Conclave
  5. Partnered with to feature 30 Entrepreneurs on their site.
  6. Showcasing of EMERGE 50 Leaders at our events
  7. Recognition for EMERGE 50 at the NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave in Delhi
  8. Been able to find partners through our Global trade development initiatives.

This year too we are back and have added two new categories – EMERGE Partnerships and EMERGE Start ups. EMERGE Partnerships would look for companies where emerging companies have partnered with other SME companies in developing technology, business development or as a part of sub-contracting. EMERGE Start ups would include products / services developed by start-ups which are less than 3 years old with an annual turnover not exceeding 2 Crores. Due weightage would be given to companies which deal in new-age technology like SaaS and Cloud Computing.

The excitement can’t get any bigger than this. Watch this space for
more info as we inundate you with updates. You don’t really want to miss out
on this opportunity. The last date for submitting your nominations
are 28th June 2010. If incase you have any clarifications please send in your queries to

Apply online at or

Last date for nominations extended till 20th October 2009 for the NASSCOM Innovation Awards

The NASSCOM-BCG Innovation Report 2007 detailed the imperative for companies to significantly increase innovation to develop path-breaking services/products and delivery mechanisms, etc. Since then, there has been a transformation in the character of the Indian IT-BPO sector, which has embraced innovation. Participating in the innovation movement have been multinationals, who have set up captive R&D centres and offshore development facilities in India, indigenous IT-BPO companies, who have rapidly recognized and adopted an innovation led approach to service the IT off-shoring and domestic markets and several SMEs, which have mushroomed across the country, many of them looking to create a disruptive product or service to define a niche for themselves.

Each of their efforts to nurture innovation is validated by the NASSCOM Perspective 2020 report, which estimates that the Indian IT-BPO industry can tap additional revenue streams worth US$ 75 billion by the year 2020 through innovation.

It is with this backdrop that we start the process for the NASSCOM Innovation Awards ‘09. With our endeavour to constantly improve the Awards to generate value to the participants, winners and the Industry as a whole, we have tied up with ET Now, who will be our television partner for the Innovation Awards, and telecast a couple of editorials dedicated to the NASSCOM Innovation Awards on their channel. The processes that we defined last year with BCG were well received and we are continuing this year along the same lines.

With several organizations realizing the value of Innovation and actively nurturing it, we are sure that the past year has been one where the Indian IT Industry has broken established precepts with path breaking ideas that have brought value to both its customers and itself. If your organization has been a part of creating value through new ideas and their commercialization, we invite you to share with us what you have created and achieved, so that it can be recognized and shared with a greater set of people and institutions.

Looking forward to hearing about your Innovation. Apply Now