The NASSCOM-BCG Innovation Report 2007 detailed the imperative for companies to significantly increase innovation to develop path-breaking services/products and delivery mechanisms, etc. Since then, there has been a transformation in the character of the Indian IT-BPO sector, which has embraced innovation. Participating in the innovation movement have been multinationals, who have set up captive R&D centres and offshore development facilities in India, indigenous IT-BPO companies, who have rapidly recognized and adopted an innovation led approach to service the IT off-shoring and domestic markets and several SMEs, which have mushroomed across the country, many of them looking to create a disruptive product or service to define a niche for themselves.

Each of their efforts to nurture innovation is validated by the NASSCOM Perspective 2020 report, which estimates that the Indian IT-BPO industry can tap additional revenue streams worth US$ 75 billion by the year 2020 through innovation.

It is with this backdrop that we start the process for the NASSCOM Innovation Awards ‘09. With our endeavour to constantly improve the Awards to generate value to the participants, winners and the Industry as a whole, we have tied up with ET Now, who will be our television partner for the Innovation Awards, and telecast a couple of editorials dedicated to the NASSCOM Innovation Awards on their channel. The processes that we defined last year with BCG were well received and we are continuing this year along the same lines.

With several organizations realizing the value of Innovation and actively nurturing it, we are sure that the past year has been one where the Indian IT Industry has broken established precepts with path breaking ideas that have brought value to both its customers and itself. If your organization has been a part of creating value through new ideas and their commercialization, we invite you to share with us what you have created and achieved, so that it can be recognized and shared with a greater set of people and institutions.

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