NASSCOM EMERGE 50NASSCOM EMERGE 50 is back – and in a bigger avatar. After the success of last year’s listing, the EMERGE Forum within NASSCOM has begun work in full earnest for the 2010 listing. In addition to last year’s categories of Growth, Markets (non-traditional / domestic), Products, and Services, this year, the categories have been expanded to include the Start-Ups. And in another first, all the 50 companies will be profiled in a booklet to be released by NASSCOM at the EMERGEOUT conclave in New Delhi on August 25 2010.Why the EMERGE 50?

With EMERGE 50, we have a sharp focus – in the process we have been able to spotlight some really good companies, that were hitherto unnoticed. Plus with the level of detail that we go into with each company has helped us build an excellent dataset – covering funding, cash flows, employees, markets and specializations – for over 200 companies. This has really helped us get a sense of trends in this space.

It has indeed been a tough job for the jury members, the Zinnov team and NASSCOM for selecting the 50 emerging/start-up companies.

The Process that we followed

  • Companies were invited to nominate themselves in any of the categories.  We received 200 plus entries this year across  5 categories.
  • Applications were sorted out in different categories (i.e. Growth, Markets, Products, Services, & Start-ups)
  • Companies were evaluated on basic criterions such as revenue growth rates for last 3 years, revenue contribution, average revenue per employee etc. to arrive at the preliminary shortlist of companies in each category
    • Only relevant criterion were put for individual categories.
    • The shortlisted companies were then objectively evaluated (through a mathematical model) on a number of parameters including financials, growth, market differentiator, customers, market visibility, & distribution/ GTM
    • The evaluation on above parameters was used to come up with a net score for individual companies and hence the shortlist of top companies in each category

The EMERGE 50 listing has quickly built credibility as the definitive listing of companies to watch for. With the focus on segment-wide trends and analysis, the 2010 editions promises to be both information and insightful!

Here goes the NASSCOM EMERGE 50 for 2010(in alphabetical order)

Stay tuned for more updates about the companies and for the Top ten companies.