European VC Trip – Hottest Start-Ups: Apply to Pitch!

A group of experienced and well known European venture capitalists will tour India from November 11th till 19th. Entrepreneurs from Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai are invited to take part in one of a deal pitches sessions which will take place in:

• Dehli, 14th of November 2011
• Bangalore, 16th of November 2011
• Mumbai, 17th / 18th of November 2011

If you are a founder of an early growth company focussing on Consumer e-Services, Online Advertising, eCommerce and Social Gaming space and would like to get the opportunity to present you idea in front of prominent global investors, apply to pitch!

Send you executive summary until October 20th to

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  1. Hi,

    Who are we
    We are a group of three energetic youngsters located in Bangalore, and we are currently running a 3 month old online food ordering service called Our core team consists of

    Shankar – Partner and co-founder, sales and marketing whiz.

    Pawan – Partner and co-founder, publicity whiz, part technologist, part artist.

    Harshath – Partner and co-founder, technology whiz, online and mobile experience designer.

    Sonali and Arpita – our client relationship managers, customer experience geniuses.

    What we do
    We tie up with restaurants and food outlets and make their menu available online. Our customers order from the online menus, and we make sure their orders get delivered to doorstep (or is ready for takeout, if that is the case). We take a commission on each order completed from the restaurants.

    We leave food preparation and quality aspects to the restaurants, and we take over the service aspect – from confirming the order, tracking the delivery, keeping the customer informed of delays, to gathering feedback from select new customers.

    What’s the novelty here?
    We see growing into much more than just an online food ordering portal. We are trying to grow into a platform that covers everything in the area of food, eating out, finding restaurant deals and hanging out with friends and pubs and coffee joints.

    Our future strategy for
    We have started our operations in Bangalore city, and have opened our doors to customers in August. Currently, we are operating with 60+ (a number that is fast growing) outlets in key areas of Bangalore.

    Our short term strategy (next 10 weeks) comprises of several objectives:

    To start our discounts and deals business – we want to be able to market any discounts that restaurants, clubs and pubs offer, in a business model that is very friendly to the outlets (unlike snapdeal, groupon etc.)

    To grow into more areas and to have a presence in all key areas of Bangalore

    To increase our coverage density in the areas we operate in so our customers have a large number of choices

    To increase our publicity operations in the areas we operate in, to increase our volumes and turn profitable as quickly as possible.

    To publicize bookmytakeout as a one-call solution to arranging corporate lunches and parties.

    Our longer term strategy (the business and technology infrastructure build of which will take upto a year) is in several directions:

    Social – we look at making eating out fun, hip and an increasingly group activity. We aim at inducing more people to try out new places to eat out. Some ideas include features set around birthdays and other life events. We are yet to explore this vista in depth.

    Mobile – it is amply clear that the world is moving towards internet on the go, and we realize that. We look at a custom mobile interface for our service, and andriod apps to start out with.

    Location – with people on the go having access to internet. We want to tap into that information, and show our users exactly what they can use based on their location. We are also looking at promoting restaurants and food joints to customers based on where they are. We want to tie this in with our social angle, and make get-togethers more spontaneous and fun.

    Advertising – we are planning to introduce advertising as one of our services, and we plan to make our portal a potent medium for this. We expect this to be one of our major revenue streams. Advertising will include traditional banner ads, promoting deals and offers, and location-specific targeted ads for the mobile user.

    Information Services – we want to bring more “phone line” operations online. We want people to be able to call us for information. We want people to be able to say “I want ABC, XYZ and 123, and I want it at 2pm. I don’t care where from – just get it to me”.

    Restaurant reviews – we want to grow bookmytakeout into a restaurant reviews hub – the Imdb of restaurant, if you will.

    Our long-term vision
    In our long-term vision, is the beginning.

    Our end goal is to build a host of online services to cater to the increasingly large population of people with disposable incomes in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities – people with enough money to pay someone to take care of the smaller chores in their life, so they can use their time for richer life experiences. With our set of services, we want to make the online and mobile life of an avid internet user more fulfilling and satisfying.

    Our need for funding
    Our need for funding is very clear – we need to speed up our operations, and increase our publicity to reach a critical mass to start being profitable. We need more people for this, a spend which our personal savings cannot afford at the moment. We have a huge roadmap laid out in front of us. Going at the pace we are right now is neither feasible, nor fun for us.

    We look forward to meeting you and discussing this (and more of our future plans). Please tell us any specifics that you are looking to know from us right now, in terms of volume, revenue streams, numbers, or anything.

    Thanks and regards,
    Shankar, Harshath and Pawan.
    Partners and Co-founders at

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