How to Build a Great Company Facebook Page? (Wall Street Journal)

“Does your company have a Facebook page?”

In order to be truly successful in building a live and engaging community on the web, you need to have both a positioning strategy and an execution plan in place. To formulate a strategy for your online community, you need to answer a few critical questions before you begin.

Ching's Secret FB Page Why should I create a community?

A community can serve multiple purposes and can be very powerful provided you have a clear objective. Some of the objectives for you to consider include:

  • Brand building and promotion. Coke’s community on Facebook has more than 5.7 million members
  • Customer feedback. Starbucks’ community has more than 7.5 million members and the community decides the flavor of the brand’s next coffee.
  • Lead generation and online sales. Gunpowder restaurant in New Delhi does much of its table booking through its Facebook fan page
  • Online reputation management. Dell’s Facebook page for small and medium-sized businesses is a great tool for the company to continuously strengthen its reputation as a brand that is committed to customer service.

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