WSJ – iPad for Small Businesses in India

I penned some thoughts on how iPad kind of device can be used to create SAAS offerings for SMB customers in India, across healthcare, hospitality and other sectors. The ease of use led by touch interface, the table top usage scenario, bundling hardware with software and service, and disconnected operations could be some of the driving factors. I do find the consumer market a little harder to reach on this kind of a device – seems there might not be enough lead adopters willing to fork out the change from their pockets (rather than their company paying for it.)

Full article here.

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  1. Wasim Ahmed Shaikh says:

    Any tablet PC,which has less elegance/cosmetic but robust/tough,can definately be a good boost for SMB in India.In addition to that,Wireles Broadband can bring ecoomerce path to Small buisness as well in india.

  2. I completely agree with Ravi that the cost if iPAD will be a major obstacle for it to go for mass adoption in India. What is reqd is a device similar to iPAD, but which is less fuzzy when it comes to options, with better connectivity and in the range of 8 to 10K.

    There is a huge market out there for alternative devices in this range!

  3. vikas shah says:

    Ravi pls enlighten us which other gadgets do you see as a viable alternatives.

  4. Ravi Vyas says:

    There are too many negatives with the iPad

    1.Cost , certainly more than its current and future competitors
    2.Closed platform : limits innovation
    3. To do anything you need apps, for apps you need approval which can be a painful process. If you go the web way, why use the iPad when you have many other alternatives.

  5. akshat says:

    I completely agree that Ipad like devices will be an important tool in the Indian context. I personally know of colleges who want to use this medium to reach out to their students specially in the elearning space and are working towards porting their content which can be accessed offline.

    I guess the challenge here is the pricing of the Ipad, i assume it would be in the range of 25-30k once it lands in India.

    Would be interesting to watch the progress of these devices across verticals.

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