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Is Micro-Funding a New Trend to Come?

A lot of folks seem to be very curious as to what I am working on, since my stepping back from Well, quite a bit actually and on some rather serious stuff. Serious as cash, infact. One of the major concerns that has been on my mind is the scarcity of capital in this […]

TiECon Delhi – Registrations open

TiECon Delhi is being held on Sep 18th and 19th. The theme this year is “Smart Entrepreneurship in Challenging Times”. The emphasis is on highlighting winning tactics in a market where many businesses have faced uncertainty and slowdown, and external financing has become harder to raise. Registrations are open – you may register here. Looks […]

“Standard term sheet” suggestions

TheFunded has published what it believes should be a standard termsheet in venture financings. Their argument is that the following balances the rights and incentives of investors and founders well, and the negotiation should be limited to valuation and amount being raised. Interesting point of view. FFI Plain Preferred Term Sheet – Chris Dixon has […]

Winners Of The Entrepreneur Journeys Book Promotion

Hello readers, here are the winners of the Entrepreneur Journeys book review promotion: Entrepreneur Journeys (Volume One) Virat Singh Khutal Manav Ahuja Bipin Preet Singh Manjula Sridhar Suarabh Garg :: Entrepreneur Journeys (Volume Two): Bootstrapping, Doing More With Less  Sreekanth Balakrishnan Varun Gupta Vineesh Kumar Roopesh Nair Shashank Mohan Winners, you will hear from Maureen […]

Special Offer for VentureWoods Readers

Indian entrepreneurs and readers, Alok Mittal suggested a special offer for VentureWoods readers. I’m always interested in your perspective and am curious to hear some of your thoughts after reading my Entrepreneur Journeys and Bootstrapping books. I will gladly have a copy of either book sent to the first 10 people who are interested in […]

Bootstrapping: Doing More With Less

Some of you may have followed a recent discussion on my blog, 18,000 People On The Bench At Infosys. I have to say, I am continuously frustrated by aspiring entrepreneurs telling me that they cannot move forward because seed funding is not available in India. My message has always been, bootstrap the beginning, and then […]

Books on Entrepreneurship/ Facebook

I happened to make the following post on facebook and was amazed with the response I got there in 12 hours. Apart from the suggestions that came in, and some of them might be useful for venturewoods community, the level and timeliness of participation was great. Kinda makes blogging look like old world! Where is […]

Faceoff at Proto

ETNow did an interesting faceoff session with myself and Vishal Gondal at the Proto Pune edition. I quite liked the informal format – with Vishal at the other end, you can be assured of some laughter! On a more serious note, the discussion does touch upon some of the evolution of VC space in India […]