No Criminals Campaign

This is a public interest post – The core idea of the ‘No Criminals’ campaign is to launch a nationwide effort to enable large numbers of citizens to appeal to political parties not to give tickets to people with criminal antecedents in the upcoming elections.

Read and sign the appeal on website. Join the facebook group.

Help us promote the campaign – put the logo and link on your website, and on your email footers.

8 Responses to “No Criminals Campaign”

  1. Shashank says:

    I came across a party, formed by ex-IITians, called Bharat Punarnirman Dal ( You might want to talk to them to publicise this campaign during the coming elections.

  2. Johri says:

    Pointless. India Shining could not win the elections for BJP. These videos will get lots of appreciative comments, but I wonder how many of ppl commenting will go stand in the line and vote?

  3. RYK says:

    There will be no one left to elect if we are successful 😉

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