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Entrepreneur Journeys (Volume One) Now on Amazon

Friends, I have embarked on writing a book series to help you navigate your own personal entrepreneurial journeys by listening to entrepreneurs who have come before. Volume One of the series is now available on You can read more on the project here. Take a look, and I will be inviting some of you […]

Software As A Service: Is India ready for it yet?

In the 80s & most of 90s, paying for software (at-least for personal use) was considered a waste of money, at-least in India. Now with most people being able to afford to pay for software as the prices have also become more reasonable, I have heard people buying licensed software more than what they used […]

“The Best Years of Outsourcing Are Ahead of Us”

Despite the current challenges, the best years of outsourcing are ahead of us, according to speakers at “IT Services & BPO Connect ‘08”, a conference focused on the road ahead and investment opportunities in these sectors. The event was organized by my firm Venture Intelligence last month at Mumba. Here are a couple of extracts […]

A learning event for entrepreneurs

Jumpstart your Enterprise is going to be held on November 5, 2008 at the ISB Campus as a part of the TIE ISB Connect 08. This is a serious day long learning session for “experienced professionals, starting entrepreneurs”. It is a day to step back and learn…an investment in your entrepreneurial career. Click on this […]

NASSCOM EmergeOut Conclave 2008

NASSCOM has extended discounted entry fee for the VentureWoods community for its upcoming NASSCOM EmergeOut Conclave 2008 scheduled for 29th Sep 2008. Please find attached the registration form. Please email to for any clarifications.

Business Idea: Market Intelligence Firm

Introduction Traditionally we know market research as a part of marketing effort that gathers data, validates assumptions or helps identify new opportunities. However most of the research problems are really reactive in nature. Someone realizes that they have a problem and research is one of the ways to start figuring out what to do with […]

Dare Interview – Recapping Canaan in India

Krishna has done a good interview to recap how Canaan is looking at India, over two years after we entered the market. I am not easily given to cross posting my own interview :), but this one was successful in bringing out some new elements: No change is good news – over past couple of […]

Imbuing the Public Service with Entrepreneurialism

Cross-posted from The Subaltern Studies (An interdisciplinary studies in media and communications). Pardon me if it sounds a little off-topic. I was just keen to explore the commercial realm of public policy, civil administration, professional advocacy and political lobbying in India. A recent spat between the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Union Public Service Commission […]

Start-up Fair at IIM Kozhikode on October 4 and 5, 2008

Greetings from Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Kozhikode! ECell at IIM Kozhikode fosters entrepreneurship and encourages students to build on their original ideas and business-plans. In the same spirit, IIMK Ecell organizes its first ever ‘Startup Fair’ scheduled to be held at the picturesque IIM Kozhikode campus on October 4 and 5, 2008. The basic premise […]

India’s Hottest Startups

Some people may find it annoying, but I think I must write about this. Almost a month back, I received an Email from NEN for participating in the  hottest startup contest. I looked at the website and was impressed by the participation. What was annoying was the classification of a “startup”. I could see companies […]