Krishna has done a good interview to recap how Canaan is looking at India, over two years after we entered the market. I am not easily given to cross posting my own interview :), but this one was successful in bringing out some new elements:

  • No change is good news – over past couple of years, we have been able to (mostly, successfully) validate our assumptions and thesis for the Indian market. This has allowed us to move forward rather than sideways
  • A lot of activity we see is behind strong but incremental growth (as against discontinuous growth), and execution is at a premium (for new as well as existing concepts)
  • Krishna has brought out the emphasis on momentum well – very useful for entrepreneurs, especially ones who complain “last time you told me you might be interested if I got a 100K users” – it depends on what the growth trajectories look like
  • Krishna also thought most VC firms dont like to talk about their investment areas and theses – while I dont fully agree with it, we did end up discussing why Canaan does talk about it

Hope you find this interesting, and would love to get your thoughts,