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Opportunities for service providers in education

During the last two weeks I have attended my brother’s engagement and as well as his marriage in Andhra Pradesh. As these were planned on a short notice, I had to travel on busses from Hyderabad to Tenali (via Guntur) and Guntur to Hyderabad. As usual, through the bus window I was observing at all […]

The case of SonimTech – And lessons we can learn

( Some parts of this post may not be totally accurate, I got the info from google and a senior Sonim employee) ” Sonim Technologies ( was founded somewhere between 1999-2000, with a vision to provide Push-to-Talk (PTT) platform over VOIP over major phones. The market was large enterprise sales force which can use PTT […]

Are the Best Years of Outsourcing Behind Us?

Hi, My firm, Venture Intelligence, is organizing a conference, IT Services & BPO Connect ’08, next Thursday (Aug. 28) at Mumbai to explore the above and relation issues facing these key sectors. The event has speakers from the largest companies as well as the most active investors in IT Services and BPO, including: Aparup Sengupta, […]

Business Oriented Architecture

Once primary focus changed from building a product to selling it, i-Create was a different place. We realized that there was going to be no external funding that could help us spend some more time in the comfy confines of the lab and delay diving headlong into the competitive world that is Enterprise IT sales.  […]

Medical Tourism Opportunity

If people thought the outsourcing of IT was significant, then medical tourism promises to be several times larger by the middle of the next decade.  The Economist article provides a chart projecting the number of US patients expected to partake in medical tourism.  The base case sounds like a 100% per annum growth through out next decade. Start ups in […]

3G – What does it mean for startups?

The promise of 3G is live again, and as consumers, I am sure most of us are looking forward to it. It would be great to get people’s views on what it might mean for startup opportunities. Some of my thoughts: 3G in India is fundamentally about cheaper scalable voice capacity. At a basic level, […]

Two new web security (SaaS) startups

I was just waiting for something like this to happen. Purewire and ZScaler will be upping the ante in the lucrative managed services market. The companies are backed by security superstars like Jay Chaudhary and veterans from CipherTrust and ISS. Prices range roughly from $1-$5 (per user per month) and $30 (per user per year) […]