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iYogi raises $9.5M Series B from SAP, Canaan, SVB

Glad to announce that iYogi has raised their Series B investment of $9.5M led by SAP ventures, with follow-on investments from Canaan Partners and Silicon Valley Bank. You might remember the $3.1M Series A investment last April – the company has progressed very well since then. What is really encouraging is that iYogi, along with […]

Judging a really early stage start-up

From REALLY early stage, I mean a bunch of guys 3 or 4 years out of college, having quit their highly paying techie jobs, wanting to build the next big thing and get rich soon. I can really relate to the picture, as an year back, I really did fit the description. You know these […]


With 3 talented founders, today, you can build a service leveraging Internet platforms from the likes of amazon, google, paypal, salesforce and 100’s of others. You can then get your service to users by leveraging social and search engine marketing and you can do this with no expensive infrastructure, very little money and all in […] Delhi – 18-19 July 2008

Author’s Note: This post and accompanying photographs are copyrighted by the author; and any unauthorized replication, storage or publishing of this material without the author’s express written (and signed on paper) permission is prohibited. The author has been in the High Tech industry for over a decade; and can be reached on nsnsns(at)gmail(dot)com or mobile: […]

Mobile Development Report

I recently came across this report titled “The Mobile Development Report“, published by CKS on a research commissioned by Nokia for developmental use of mobile networks in emerging economies. The report focuses on social transformations around a new technology and its adoption. The report beautifully documents lives and ways Indians in tier 2 cities and […]

Vision India 2020

Friends, writing the Vision India 2020 series has been extremely interesting and rewarding. The series is being syndicated by Indian newspaper, DNAIndia, and I keep receiving emails from entrepreneurs who are working on / thinking about ventures along the lines of my Vision India columns. Here are the ones that I have written so far: […]

TiE Canaan on CNBC

The play out time for The TiE- Canaan entrepreneur challenge are as follows: Saturday: 1.30pm Repeat on Sunday: 9.30am and 10.30pm This Saturday the 1st episode goes on air. There will be a total of 3 episodes at these times. -Mukul

The Druvaa Story – III

Since the beginning, i have been totally open about my venture. I have openly talked about VCs, good guys and most importantly the idiotic mistakes i made. This is just an extension of the same. It may pi** off some people, but don’t think i can write an unbiased post otherwise. Just Throw it back […]

Who will tell telecom operators?

Few thousands of people travel on any Mumbai local train. These trains run with a period of every 5-10 minutes. This means, you have thousands of people present anywhere on track and at any point of time. Many of them belong to organized sector. Each person would spend at least an hour or two on […]