Vision India 2020 Series: Multi-Billion Dollar Venture Ideas

Here are pointers to the articles so far in this series:

  1. Preface
  2. MIT India: Engineering Education
  3. Urja: Global Fashion Brand
  4. Lucid: K-12 Education

MIT India and Urja have also generated a great deal of discussion, which I welcome you to read and participate in.

Lucid is a new piece, and I expect, will generate similar discussion soon.

1 Response to “Vision India 2020 Series: Multi-Billion Dollar Venture Ideas”

  1. Manoj says:

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    Seeking Associate having a passion and a vision to concord global market by involving in a new generation venture and can also able to cope-up with the modern business techniques to set a mark in the business community or to call himself a super achiever with a desire to enjoy high profits .

    A prospective venture with the combination of three flourishing sectors i.e.
    Entertainment, IT services & Tourism having global prospects,

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