Mobile devices will rule in the next 5 years

The Churchill Club’s annual Top 10 Tech Trends Dinner discussion post is here.  The panel has some cool VCs in it. The post has important predictions and some cool factoids

  • In Europe, cell phones are 8% of credit card payments 
  • Projectors in cell phones in next two years. More than one camera per cell phone
  • About 90% of all venture returns made by about 5% of the people; global supply of capital has kept pouring in. Returns come from a very small set.

 Lots of mobile devices related predictions. Go read the full thing.

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  1. nishant says:

    Projectors in cell phones in next two years
    Nice. I had this long discussion with my friends couple days ago. It seemed almost impossible to me to make a cellphone projector (or pen projectors) keeping Luminance and hence wattage required and hence power consumption per second in mind. It will suck off battery (assuming we have developed high power output batteries by then) within minutes.

    I will be thankful if you can provide the source of this information so that I can dig-in.


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