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Coming Unemployment Problem

With roughly 55 percent of India’s population of 1.2 billion made up of people aged 24 or younger, India was viewed as a country with a massive demographic advantage. Unfortunately, the global slump has turned the advantage into a big disadvantage.India’s economy will probably grow at the slowest pace since 2003 as a global recession […]


We know that Twitter raised some capital from IVP late february with an internal valuation of $250 mn. Google would have started discussion around that figure and it was all over the news last week. Now we have this : Twitter Wouldn’t Sell For $1 Billion, Says Source   The disconnect is stunning but may be […]

Medical Tourism Opportunity

If people thought the outsourcing of IT was significant, then medical tourism promises to be several times larger by the middle of the next decade.  The Economist article provides a chart projecting the number of US patients expected to partake in medical tourism.  The base case sounds like a 100% per annum growth through out next decade. Start ups in […]

Mobile devices will rule in the next 5 years

The Churchill Club’s annual Top 10 Tech Trends Dinner discussion post is here.  The panel has some cool VCs in it. The post has important predictions and some cool factoids In Europe, cell phones are 8% of credit card payments  Projectors in cell phones in next two years. More than one camera per cell phone About 90% of all […]

Sustainable ?

From the news today (sorry, no link) Reliance Industries has shut all of its 1,432 petrol pumps in the country after sales dropped to almost nil as it could not match the subsidized price offered by public sector players. The company owned less than 3% of the 36,936 petrol pumps in the country. Of the […]

Agri Commodities

Food prices are at an all time high in most places around the globe. We have been reading news on Wheat, Edible Oil, Corn etc reaching their multi year highs.  A report on the same topic reads “Rising Food prices can be good news for the food companies who are attempting to pass along those […]