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We are launching another section on VentureWoods – the VentureBuzz section – post any buzz you have heard – might be a rumor, might be a gossip, might be just some juice! Is that hot startup on its way down? Or is it getting bought? Did they announce a deal that never existed? Share something here that news doesnt know! We will try and keep this as free as we can, except wont allow personally disparaging remarks.

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Go, have fun!

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  1. Richa Johri says: (
    Fun Gifting with Ideas based on “gossip” element in any relationship & any environment (office, home, friends)
    Wherever there are humans, there are “circuits” of relationships, but we have observed a very unique, inseparable element ie “Gossiping”, who doesn’t love to listen & talk about it??!! So we thought why not to have products which one can connect with (this was most important, as with fun gifts you can’t relate at times) rather why not to aim in “Simplifying Confusions”, simply express through gifts what you dislike or rather would gossip about one.
    We are deep dive in personalized fun gifting to the extent that we more often than not develop fresh products for individual customers / corporate based on their specific requirement.
    We also do hand painted Caricature products such as Canvas, Nameplates, Wall Clocks, Mugs, T-Shirts, Bags, Shot Glasses, Coasters etc.
    About Us:-
    Richa Johri Taneja – Founder
    Exceeding threshold of boring jobs usually results into great ideas (pressure works!). This is Richa’s story in one line.
    Formally, Richa is a Textiles Engineer with masters in fashion design and had working experience of 5 years with 3 companies before starting her own venture.
    Vipul Taneja – Strategic & Financial Advisor
    Vipul is a software engineer by qualification (Ex-Microsoft) and a finance and business enthusiast at heart. Vipul current handles procurement and finance for an E&C company and enjoys

  2. Sure says:

    Kalpavasi seems to be a very interesting concept. What revenue model do you have? It is a great idea to pick up something that is so iconic in indian culture and turn it into a business model that have benefits for the public.

    All the best.

  3. Ramesh Kumar says:

    A spiritual event portal “” was launched primarily to facilitate foreign visitors to experience the Kumbh Mela. is the most comprehensive web site on the Kumbh Mela and provides all round information on the world’s biggest event from all possible disciplines and approaches. has brought the little know aspect of the Kalpavasa Vrata and has presented to a worldwide audience in order to popularise the correct system of participation for pilgrims deals with the Kumbh Mela not only from the aspect of faith, religion and spirituality but also from the scientific views. The website is the result of more than ten years of intense research by renowned indologists, sociologists, anthropologists, archaeologists and religious scholars

    Kalpavasi throws new light to the way the Kumbh Mela has been approached through the years. Kalpavasi attempts to bring back the importance of the pilgrims who have over the years become mute spectators while the ascetics (Sadhus) have grabbed the limelight and headlines. The portal has been started to bring back into vogue the importance of the lay devotee and his quintessential kalpavasa vrata in the Kumbh Mela, which seems to have lost its importance in the recent times

    The importance of Kalpavasa and its benefits are believed to be same as experiencing one day at the Brahmaloka or 4.32 billion years are highlighted. According to the Hindu Dharma, this is the closest one may come to immortality. presents several unique packages which encapsulate the holistic Kumbh through that experience the magic of immortality is probably the first of its kind in acting as bridge between science and Kumbha Mela. The web site explains every phenomenon of the great Mela in scientific terms easily assimilated by logic and reasoning, extrapolating the same to generic ideological concepts and constructs. Kalpavasi is probably the most unique and interesting websites based on Indian Culture and Heritage presently is a Studiorama India Limited initiative, who have diversified from a long and successful stint as market leaders in the audio-visual medium specializing in Indological projects and events into the in-bound tourism sector

  4. Ramesh K says:

    OzTern Digital Services Private Ltd was launched recently at Technopark, Trivandrum, which is India’s first & largest IT Park in the public sector.

    OzTern Digital is a full-service Consulting Company offering comprehensive Online Marketing Solutions located in Technopark, Trivandrum. We combine our extensive experience and knowledge in Online marketing techniques to create an effective Web presence for our clients that generates a substantial increase in qualified traffic and revenue for our clients.

    OzTern Digital Services Pvt. Ltd is promoted by OzTern Technology Pvt. Ltd & Sudhir Sreenivasan.

    OzTern Digital owes its origin to a Start-up called KYDotcom founded by Sudhir in the year 2000 in Trivandrum.
    Sudhir has over 10 years experience in Online Marketing. He is one of the earliest & top-most Online Marketers from India. He has worked for various International B2B & B2C portals & has Domain expertise in all the areas of the Online Industry.

    OzTern Technology Pvt. Ltd is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Application Development and Delivery start-up located at Technopark, Trivandrum, India, targeting independent Solution Providers and small, medium and large businesses to use OzTern’s Service Enabled Application Platform (SEAP) technology.

    Over the past years, the World Wide Web has become the fastest growing advertising medium in the world. New Online Marketing firms are emerging and established ones are growing rapidly.
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    About ChocoNet Platform
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