I encourage Indian entrepreneurs experienced in the IT outsourcing industry, and alarmed by my Death of Indian Outsourcing piece to read Sudhakar Ram’s Wave 3 of Indian Outsourcing. Other related pieces on the topic are: India’s Labor Arbitrage Strategy, Indian IT: The Next 8 Years, and Silicon Valley’s Unknown Indian.

Also, here are my related Forbes columns on the topic.

And finally, here is my Open Letter to IIT Students written in response to a student’s email from IIT Kharagpur, in which I request students to start looking outside IT for entrepreneurial opportunities. As examples, I would like to cite the story of ERI, a water desalination company that is about to go public soon, and SunPower, a solar energy company that has had a successful run in the public market. I want to also highlight a different style of entrepreneurship that comes from Harish Hande, CEO of SELCO, bringing solar electricity to the poor.

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