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Hi All:

I run, etailer of art products. I want advise on the components of a marketing plan and advise on a estimating a marketing budget for a startup ecommerce site. Some of the specific queries that I have are:

1. what is the typical value of online purchase in India? if any info is avbl category wise, pls share esp for gifts and home decor.

2.  what should be the components of a promotion plan  and how much percentage of promotion budget and effort should be given to each, for an startup etailer: PR; link exchange: how to build relevant links with other Indian sites?; paid advertisement; google adwords; social networking

3. Is it helpful to stretch resources and advertise in niche magazines that cater to ones target segment? any comment or experiences?

4. Does anybody have any inputs on affiliate marketing in India?


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  1. Indian bug says:

    I am a fan of PR as opposed to advertising, marketing or whatever you want to call it, in fact I would much rather lump all these into one and call them “external methods”, PR is cheaper and if done correct will get your message out, advertising whether link exchange, other banner ads, virals etc, is hit and miss, in India the problem is that there is way too much advertising not just online

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