Second Life tour

On Friday, 27 April 2007 5 PM, I will be conducting a small tour of interesting places to go and things to do in the virtual world of Second Life, for anyone who is interested. In case you are a member, please IM me and I’ll send you a TP link.

To those who have not registered but are interested, please go to and click on the big orange ‘Join Now’ button on the upper left. This will take you through a number of basic steps in choosing your avatar name and basic appearance, as well as asking you to download the 30 MB client/browser through which you will interact with the world.

Once you’re in Second Life, please click on the ‘search’ button on the bottom center of your browser, and enter ‘Rowl Electricteeth’ in there, which will bring up a small window giving you my profile. On that, there is a button marked ‘Send IM’ which sends messages directly to me wherever I am, just click and ask me to teleport you. I can then send you a teleport link, which is basically a popup window that offers to bring you instantly to my location. Once we catch up, I can explain the basics of navigation and usage of both the browser and the world.

We will be visiting commercial, educational and entertainment-based spaces, as well as things like art galleries, museums and clubs. We can end the evening with an informal get-together at the AT island lounge (ATGS is one of our development collaborators) or even in virtual Amsterdam or Dublin, maybe catch a live music performance.

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  1. Rahul says:

    🙂 We’re connected. And making friends in SL happens practically every time you get online. One of the lovely things about it!
    See you in-world!

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