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From Company – Founders: Weina Scott and Jake Fisher Location: Miami Beach, Fla. (Weina); Rochester, Minn. (Jake) Year Founded: 2005 Initial Capitalization: $50 Sold For : $200,000 Weina Scott and Jake Fisher’s Story: Even among startups with cut-to-the-bone budgets, the creation and launch of Weina Scott’s and Jake Fisher’s podcast hosting company was […]

Real Estate Collapse in the US?

A long, scary and data-laden argument that the real estate market in the US is headed for a crash – with worldwide recessionary effects (though particularly nasty in the US itself). This is likely to be exacerbated by the fact that crude oil prices are likely to face upward pressure in the near/middle term too. […]

1m x $100 Plans

We have discussed some of these ideas on venturewoods before, but I thought I would get more specific thoughts. We are seeing more and more businesses around the theme to offer a $100 a year service to a million users. Few ideas that have got discussed here include: 1. Online DVD rentals 2. Online photo […]

Naukri Lists

Naukri listed today — the stock has shot up almost 100% from the issue price, and the company has a market cap of $370m last I checked. Revenues for Mar ’07 are estimated to be around $30m, Absolutely rocks! Congratulations to Sanjeev and his team.

Website Data

An interesting article analyzing data from Alexa. On a world radar India hardly shows up today and this article also talks about growth in South America, China, Korea but does not mention India. My view is that with developments such as the Reliance ( Anil Ambani Group) raising a $5 billion fund for investments in […]

India Tomorrow? Day After?

India Today has a cover story on Wired Generation – dont know whether its humor or satire of India’s most respect editorial team to have claimed “most of India’s 200 million middle class homes now have computers”! And this is a managing editor… not once but twice in the same article! Now just wait and […]

TiE Canaan Entrepreneurial Challenge

Hi all, just wanted to update that the TiE Canaan Entrepreneurial Challenge is on. I had posted details on the same earlier and will not repeat the same. It is a challenge for existing entrepreneurs to showcase their aspirations, and get the best in access to mentoring and capital. Podtech has a news item and […]


Use the comments section on this page for posting startup jobs. Please include the area that the company operates in, the location, the role and level of seniority that is expected. Also try and include any compensation parameters. Finally, do make sure you offer a direct response email id/phone number. Based on the response, we […]