proto-logo3.jpgIf you are a tech startup, a venture capitalist, an aspiring technology entrepreneur or just somebody who thinks that there is more to Indian technology than BPOs & call centers, book your date with Proto. Proto is a first of its kind event, that will showcase the best of Indian startups under one roof. It is being held in Chennai on 21st/22nd Jan,07. The idea for Proto is inspired by Demo, the annual bash in Silicon Valley, that is fast becoming the Mecca for launching emerging technological innovations.

Proto’s tagline is ‘Create..Collaborate..Contribute’. This is derived from the three distinct dimensions that characterize any technology ecosystem, viz. the Creators (entrepreneurs), the Collaborators (VCs) and the Contributors (technologists/professionals). Thus the event is likely to be a meeting ground for people from these communities.

Proto is planned as a two-day event where 30 chosen companies will get 10 mins each to show their product to a select panel comprising VCs and technologists. The emphasis is less on a marketing style presentation and more on demonstrating live, the product they have built or are building. The companies that want to showcase their products will have to go through a screening procedure, before they are allowed in the select lot. Priority will be given to those companies that are actually seeking funding from VCs, angel investors etc., as this is a good opportunity to make a good impression before such an audience. The participating startups as well as the VCs will be charged a (nominal) entry fees to ensure greater involvement. And the startups could be from any area- web based services, consumer hardware, mobile, telecom, Web2.0, Mobile2.0, ecommerce, IT enabled services et al.

Proto is being organized by the same team which organized BarCamp Chennai and BlogCamp. That group is being spearheaded by Vijay Anand, who is himself a tech entrepreneur and works for the TeNET-IIT Madras program.

If you want to showcase your product/technology, use this form (click the nominate link) to file your nomination. If you want to attend the event, keep yourself informed via the Proto blog and register for the event post 30th Nov (when registrations open). For any enquiries/suggestions, use this form to contact us.

Here’s hoping that Proto acts as a catalyst in spurring innovation led entrepreneurship in this country.

N.B. The Proto website is still under construction and should be fully operational shortly.

You can read more about Proto here, here, here and here.