Company –
Founders: Weina Scott and Jake Fisher
Location: Miami Beach, Fla. (Weina); Rochester, Minn. (Jake)
Year Founded: 2005
Initial Capitalization: $50
Sold For : $200,000

Weina Scott and Jake Fisher’s Story: Even among startups with cut-to-the-bone budgets, the creation and launch of Weina Scott’s and Jake Fisher’s podcast hosting company was a remarkable exercise in minimalism.

Weina wrote the programming code for Miami-based on Microsoft Notepad. Then she and Jake, her marketing guy, built a Web site, started posting on message boards to get word out about their service, and blew through their ad budget – $50 – for online promotion.

Now considered one of the top five podcast hosting companies in the industry, Switchpod, launched in 2005, averages 1 million downloads a month and enjoys a 20 percent monthly growth rate in listener downloads. It recently was acquired by Wizzard Software for $200,000 in stock.

Oh, yes – both entrepreneurs are high school students.
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