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TiECon Delhi underway

It was an interesting day at TiECon Delhi today. Some quick observations: 1. VCs are everywhere! I think there were more VC firms in presence than aspiring entrepreneurs! This is of course great news for the local startup scene. VCs were lamenting on lack of quality entrpreneurship. A few moderators and speakers took light hearted […]

TiE-Canaan Entrepreneurial Challenge

At the TiECon Delhi 2006 today and tomorrow, Canaan Partners will be launching Entrepreneurial Challenge in partnership with TiE. It is an attempt to identify and empower tomorrow’s businesses. It has been my experience that most business plan events end on the day the competition ends. By bringing the right partners in place, we will […]

Lessons from Japan

This was not supposed to be my first post on Venturewoods. But India‚Äôs soccer game against Japan at the Salt Lake stadium in which there was a power failure and a dog ran on the ground in the middle of the game made me wonder if something like this could ever happen in a game […]

How does the world feel

We Feel Fine is a site that looks at postings made to blogs around the world every 10 minutes and analyses them for feelings. It then presents this data in an applet that can be used to slice and dice this data by attributes like feeling, place, weather and gender. Makes one think. It is […]

Top Web Apps in India

Here is a list of top web apps in India from Read/write web. Not very impressive compilation. Reproducing my comment on the post: Somewhat surprising to see the real web apps of India missing. Look at top sites in India on Alexa. India is still a very email, search, portal, jobs, matrimony country. Online financial […]