It was an interesting day at TiECon Delhi today. Some quick observations:

1. VCs are everywhere! I think there were more VC firms in presence than aspiring entrepreneurs! This is of course great news for the local startup scene. VCs were lamenting on lack of quality entrpreneurship. A few moderators and speakers took light hearted digs at the “vulture” capitalists. All in good fun!

2. Mobile and consumer internet remain dominant ares of interest in both VC and startup circles.

3. Web 2.0 and KPO are the latest buzzwords. Everybody is using those terms (I know I am myself guilty of hyping the former!)

4. I was impressed by the concerted effort that Orissa is making as a state to attract investments. I was also surprised to hear that more than 11% of all FDI flows in via Orissa!

5. Movie stars Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik announced the launch of their new movie production house. I got a chance to talk 1-1 with Mr. Kher! They are looking to raise money for their new company. Mr. Kher and Mr. Kaushik drove across the point that the Indian film industry is making a very conscious effort to become more professional in its approach. Mr. Kher categorically stated that today not a single movie star accepts or demands cash renumeration. Impressive!

6. TiECon is one of the best conferences for networking. Though I am noticing that ultimately its the same usual suspects you run into in all conferences! I think after attending a dozen or so conferences, I will run out of new people whom I can meet up at such events 🙂