Redherring 100 List – Indian companies

Redherring has announced the final 100 for this year — there are 23 Indian companies

24/7 Customer, 24×7 Learning, ACL Wireless, Advanced Radio Engineering, Avestha Gen, ConvergeLabs, Coruscant, Drishtee, Esqube Communications, Evalueserve, Indiaideas, Naukri, Innoviti, makemytrip, mauj telecom, mobile2win, NeoAccel, n-logue communications, Novatium Solutions, Ocimum Biosolutions, People Interactive, SoftJin, Toonz Animation

Remember, you saw it here first! Redherring site itself shows the 200 list as we post, but you can get the hyperlinks there.

3 Responses to “Redherring 100 List – Indian companies”

  1. PRANAV SAYTA says:

    We have juste started developing Mobile Applications an dhave already launched LOCK-M mobile Apllication for Locking Mobile handset when it gets stolen or SIM is changed
    Lock-eye Mobile Remote Surveillance
    BIZ-RECORD-M two way Mobile Conversation Recording with Dictaphone Recording
    BIZ-Assist-M A Personalised Answering Application Individual user Wise by Voice SMS Etc

  2. I’m just curious if anyone is aware of any indian startups developing mobile applications.

    I’m only aware of IMI Mobile and some others which mainly service telcos, in the
    sense they are commissioned by either Airtel or Nokia to develop custom applications.

    Why isn’t their a BRAND in the mobile application world. Why is development and
    awareness so stifled — when it comes to Mobile.

    Why are we not aware of new interesting services started by some telco in Bahrain.

    why can’t we discover services and use them — irrespective of which “operator” we are on.

    When’ll the mobile internet open up.!

  3. Sumanth says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Great to see many familiar names and a few new kids on the block!

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